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    Loving Lace

    It may seem odd but around this time of year I start to get very nostalgic about back to school shopping.  I always loved back to school shopping even though it meant the end of summer and the return to a new school year.  One of my favourite trends this fall has to be lace.  In particular, I love the esthetic of a lace skirt (preferably pencil, but that’s a personal preference).

    I for one love the look of a crisp button down tucked into a lace skirt for work and a basic t for a more relaxed look.

    Check out some of my favourite skirts below:

    Anthropologie Bosky Lace Skirt - LOVE the green

    Forever 21 Lace Skirt

    Rebecca Taylor Lace Pencil Skirt (from Net-A-Porter.com) - digging the scalloped bottom

    Moon Apparel lace skirt from The Bay - this skirt has created quite a buzz on Twitter and really, can’t you see why??? So beautiful!  *image taken from @TheHudsonsBayCo  

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